Czech Heritage Junior Royalty
is a non-profit organization under their parent company Domaci Inc.
Ambassadors were crowned at the Hometown Holidays Event

2018 was the last year for the
Czech Heritage Junior Royalty
It was a great program

Czech Heritage Jr. Royalty Ambassadors represent the MN Czech Country and promote their heritage by making appearances at local parades and pageants, as well as ethnic events both here and in neighboring states. Making these opportunities available will help them develop an appreciation of their heritage and learn more about it. They will also develop their confidence in public appearances by meeting new friends and speaking on stage.

Interested candidates can be either boys or girls and must be of some Czech descent. Up to six candidates will be crowned; ages 7 thru 10 will be crowned and sashed as 'Little Ambassadors', ages 11 thru 15 will be crowned and sashed as 'Ambassadors'. There are no particular school district or address limitations.

The gift package for all Ambassadors include a crown, sash, one year optional membership to the Domácí Czech Folk Dancers and a monetary gift after successfully completing their one year reign.

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